Welcome to the site! I currently do two main things on this website:

  • Musical Moment: A Musical Moment is a short moment in time portrayed in words which are complemented by music (usually me on the piano), and a cover image. All three mediums are used together to bring the moment to life.
  • Prose Poetry: The  Prose Poetry section does not contain complementary music. This is because the words are intended to have a “song” of their own. Often centered around an observation about life, Prose Poetry is the thinking-mans counterpart to Musical Moments.

There are a few useful things I can advise you about this website:

Firstly, everything is intended to be narrated in some way, shape or form. It’s up to you to choose a rhythm and tone to suit the theme of the piece, similar to what a narrator would do in the movies. Be creative and have fun with it. For a Musical Moment, if you find the text is too short for the provided musical piece, feel free to insert your own custom words to suit the theme if you wish, it’s all up to how you want to narrate it, but remember silence is sometimes golden…For the pieces that raise questions, they simply are a starting point from which I look forward to hearing your thoughts on.

Secondly, each piece is a standalone entity, a snapshot in time, there is no intended connection between any two pieces. This means that there is also no intended connection between the viewpoints of different characters, each have their own points of view.

Thirdly, I recommend using this site in full screen (F11) if you can, it provides a much more immersive experience.

The menu button is at the top right and it functions as the cassette player for the various cassette tapes I am offering. At the beginning, load a tape by popping open the menu and selecting a category and track.  After the end of a tape, press the menu button to eject the tape and select from the library of tracks what you feel like experiencing next… Or if you feel like just playing the next experience, there are next track and previous  track buttons at the bottom of your screen

Finally the motivation behind the blog itself… I would like this site to be about interaction. Listening, reading, thinking, speaking, even commenting if you feel like it. I want to combine all of these types of interactivity into one experience. An experience that I hope you and I will enjoy and learn from as we move forward together.

Have fun and enjoy!

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